Gary Hopkins

I have worked in Radio since 2011, presenting live shows for a couple of stations presenting Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings

In 2018 I decided to host my own pre-recorded show called A Blast From the Past, which looked at charts form the UK and US, this stopped in 2020..

A blast from the 80s was also born in 2018, Blast From the 90s was first aired in 2020 and Blast From The 00s started in September 2022.

Since starting the shows have moved onto over 130 stations around the world, and during this time I have been very fortuante to have spoken to many musicans from these decades.

We have chatted about their work in the decades and new material, tours, other people in the music industry and entertainment and personal life too, I've even made one musician cry during an interview too.

All 3 shows also have your input too, and without your messages and emails, it wouldn't be the same...So thankyou